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About ArsTattoo

So a few words about Ars Tattoo.

At the beginning of the 21st century, tattoos in Poland are slowly ceasing to be associated only with the criminal world. More and more artists begin to be interested in tattooing as a new form of artistic expression and develop their skills in this direction. The level of tattoos done increases every year, so more and more people want to have a tattoo on their skin. There are more and more tattoo parlors and various initiatives promoting this art. Tattoos are becoming more common and accepted by society. Along with these changes, the demand for tattoo equipment and accessories grows.

The answer to these events is the creation of the Ars Tattoo online store in 2007. At the beginning, the initiative of one person quickly grows into a team of over a dozen, which thanks to professionalism and commitment gains the trust of tattoo artists from all over Poland. Thanks to their credit of trust, Ars Tattoo is quickly becoming a nationwide sales leader in tattoo equipment. Tattoo artists gain a reliable supplier and Ars Tattoo gains opportunities for development thanks to them.

Today, we have years of hard work behind us. In the meantime, Ars Tattoo has become not only the largest online store, but also the largest stationary store located in Warsaw. We have become a distributor of the most popular brands of tattoo equipment from around the world and a manufacturer of our own brands that are available all over Europe and are recognized around the world.

We also visited many tattoo conventions, both domestic and foreign, where we offered our products and established contacts with Artists. The experience gained in this field has allowed us to become the main organizer of the largest series of tattoo conventions in Poland and in this part of Europe, TattooDays.

Throughout our activity, we have made efforts to be not only a shopping place, but above all a place where you can receive professional help. A place where you can talk to us, share or acquire knowledge. Thanks to this, it will be easier for you to start the "adventure" with tattooing or raise your qualifications even more.

From the very beginning, we wanted to comprehensively solve our clients' problems. We treat each artist who comes to us with full professionalism and devote the greatest attention and time to him. We constantly raise the standards of customer service, we make sure that our website is clear and intuitive for everyone, and that order deliveries are reliable and fast.

Why Choose Ars Tattoo?

  • We have the largest selection of tattoo products, we offer equipment from the most popular brands known around the world.
  • We provide a warranty for all equipment and we carry out warranty repairs quickly and without problems.
  • We provide post-warranty service for our products. With us, you can repair or service your razors, power supplies and all tattoo equipment quickly and at a low price.
  • Our prices are calculated based on the real costs and value of the goods, the vast majority of products you can buy from us at the cheapest on the market.
  • For regular customers, we offer attractive discounts that increase with the time of cooperation and the size of orders.
  • We often send our regular customers freebies and samples - after all, the possibility of testing the equipment before buying it is the most important thing for many of them.
  • Each purchased product can be returned within 14 days without giving a reason.
  • For orders over PLN 400 you get free shipping - we cover the delivery costs.