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24-hour shipping guarantee

We only ship orders on business days until 3:00 p.m. The 24-hour shipping guarantee applies only to a DHL courier service with cash on delivery. Orders with payment by traditional bank transfer or online transfer are shipped on the next business day after the payment is credited to our account.

In cases such as large orders, individual pricing, orders with furniture, etc., as well as in exceptional cases that occur sporadically, e.g. technical failures, periods of exceptional increase in the number of orders, etc., the shipment of goods may be slightly longer. We make every effort to ensure that the order reaches the recipient as soon as possible.

Shipping abroad

Shipment abroad is possible only after paying for the order by bank transfer. We do not send COD orders abroad. The order is shipped only after the payment is credited to our account. The cost of delivery abroad is calculated automatically after selecting the country to which the shipment is to be made.

Countries and shipping costs

Delivery price starts from (prices may change):

  • Austria — Courier 10 EUR
  • Belgium — Courier 11 EUR
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria — Courier 11 EUR
  • Croatia — Courier 12 EUR
  • Czech Republic — Courier 9 EUR
  • Denmark — Courier 11 EUR
  • Estonia — Courier 12 EUR
  • Finland — Courier 12 EUR
  • France — Courier 12 EUR
  • Germany — Courier 10 EUR
  • Greece — Courier 12 EUR
  • Hungary — Courier 10 EUR
  • Ireland — Courier 12 EUR
  • Italy — Courier 12 EUR
  • Latvia — Courier 12 EUR
  • Lithuania — Courier 12 EUR
  • Luxembourg — Courier 11 EUR
  • Malta
  • Monaco — Courier 12 EUR
  • Netherlands — Courier 11 EUR
  • Norway
  • Portugal — Courier 12 EUR
  • Romania — Courier 11 EUR
  • Singapore
  • Slovakia — Courier 9 EUR
  • Slovenia — Courier 12 EUR
  • Spain — Courier 12 EUR
  • Sweden — Courier 12 EUR
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom — Courier 17 EUR


Shipping in Poland

We deliver the ordered goods via DHL or InPost. Depending on the customer's choice.

Cost of delivery

DHL courier service (Free delivery for orders from PLN 299)

  • Prepayment to the account - PLN 13.99
  • Cash on delivery - PLN 15.99

The cost of delivery may change if the order placed by the customer exceeds the weight of 30 kilograms. In this case, you will be automatically charged for the shipment based on the defined weight values of the products.

InPost courier delivery

  • Prepayment to the account - PLN 14
  • Cash on delivery - PLN 16

For orders whose price (only products without shipment) exceeds the amount: PLN 400, shipping is free. It applies to prepaid shipments.

InPost Parcel Lockers

  • Prepayment to the account - PLN 12.50

Fast and convenient form of delivery. All you need to do is select your preferred Paczkomat and pick up the order at any time after delivery. Delivery only available for orders up to 30 kg.

Pickup in person

Orders can also be picked up in person at our Showroom: Ars Tattoo, Styrska 20, 04-188 Warsaw, Poland.

Safe delivery

The customer should check the condition of the goods and its compliance with the order at the courier upon delivery. In the event of incompleteness or damage to the goods, the Customer is obliged to prepare a complaint report in the presence of the Courier (it is the only basis for accepting a complaint about the incompleteness of the goods), containing a description of the defect or damage. Next, the customer should inform us about the situation.

Complaints about a damaged product may be reported within a maximum of 7 days from the date of receipt of the shipment. The written protocol should be sent to the address of our store along with the proof of purchase. The replacement of the equipment with a new one is possible only if the above conditions are met. New goods are sent only after our store receives the product that is the subject of the complaint.


Couriers are obliged to deliver the parcel to the recipient's premises only when the weight of the parcel does not exceed 30 kg. In the case of products with a greater weight, the package is delivered only to the door of the building (not the apartment) in the delivery address. We have no influence on the time of delivery and we do not have contact numbers for couriers. Couriers are also under no obligation to contact recipients prior to delivery.

Courier companies in Poland deliver parcels within 1-2 business days.

Orders abroad are delivered via UPS courier within 2-3 business days.

We want to provide our customers with maximum benefits from shopping in our store. Our goal is your satisfaction not only with the selected products, but also with the way they are delivered.